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Build Self Confidence With These Questions And Exercises

Written By: docmac - Jan• 29•18

Build Self Confidence With These Questions And Exercises

Asking yourself focused, powerful questions or doing exercises can enhance your self-confidence as well.

Each set of questions or exercises below focuses on an area where you may need some work.

Choose the questions in areas you need to master.

The Getting Clear Exercise

Take a few minutes a day (5 -10 minutes) and write down all your thoughts, emotions, wishes and problems.

Don’t think about it before writing; just write about what naturally comes up.

Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation or sentence structure.

Just write.

At the end of your writing time, keep the paper, tear it up, or throw it away.

The point of the exercise is to bring up whatever is in your mind or just below the surface in order to clear all the obstacles and start fresh.

The Forgiveness Exercise

Take a few quiet minutes and review your day. If there’s anything you’ve judged yourself about, say to yourself, “I forgive myself for _________” and fill in the blank. Similarly, if there’s something you’ve been judging another for, say to yourself, “I forgive _________(fill in the name) for __________.

The act of forgiving yourself and others has a remarkable, positive affect on your self-confidence.

The Relaxation/Visualization Exercise

Find a quiet place where you can relax.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself happy with everything working out for you.

Feel the feelings of succeeding.

Visualization is a powerful tool for setting yourself up to succeed.




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