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Health Resources

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Health Resources

(1)  Washington Post: Memory Workouts Beat Other Computer Games in Study


RealAge: Better Memory

iBraining: Training Your Brain Regularly
(1) ScienceNews: Delayed Gratification is about World View as much as Will Power

(2) Super Consciousness: How Willpower Equals Success

(3) Annual Reviews: Learned Helplessness

Integrating Focus and Motivation

(1) Affective Science: From Affect to Control: Functional Specialization of the Insula in Motivation and Regulation


Andrew Kardon: 10 Ways to Stay Focused and Motivated While You Work

University of Tennessee: Tips for College Students: MOtivation

University of Michigan: Strategies for success

(1) Alternative Therapies: The Effects of Different Types of Music on Mood, Tension and Mental Clarity


University of South Wales: The Effect of Music on Perceived Atmosphere and Purchase Intentions in a Restaurant

Johns Hopkins: Music and Learning: Integrating Music int he Classroom

Chapel Hill: The Effect of Music-Listening on the Enjoyment of Physical Activity Experience

University of New Mexico: The Effects of Music on Exercise

(1) American Journal of Psychiatry: Meta-analysis of Cognitive Remediation in Schizophrenia


Memory and Cognition: Visual Short Term Memory is not Improved by Training

Radiological Society of North America: Coffee Jump-starts Short-term Memory

(1) Nutritional Journal: Effects of Iron Supplementation on Cognition in Older Children and Adults


University of California: More Evidence that Omega-3 Fatty Acids Support Brain Health

The Journal of Nutrition: DIetary Fatty Acids and Brain Development

RxList: Dopamine

Kidney International: PLasma Dopamine Concentration and Effects of low Dopamine Doses on Urinary Output after Major Vascular Surgery


Links to organizations and governmental agencies:

The information available may concern both general and specific health topics.

The AOA does not assume responsibility for the content of other websites. A listing here does not indicate endorsement by the AOA.


Seeks to develop a system of home and community-based services that helps elderly individuals maintain their health and independence in their homes and communities.

CMS administers Medicare, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

The official Medicare site offers practical tools for navigating the program.

Conducts research designed to advance our understanding of aging, support the wellbeing of older adults and extend healthy, active years of life for more people.

Learn how to add years to your life and get more life from your years.

Disease Prevention

Resources for sexual health, particularly the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases/infections (STDs/STIs).

Support group for people who wish to stop drinking or stay sober.

Resources to fight alcohol and drug addiction.

Information on who should receive what vaccines when, vaccine safety, and more.

Disease-Specific Organizations

Cancer facts, tips on coping with the disease, the latest research and what to do to stay healthy.

Information, tips, recipes and more for people who are living with diabetes or are at risk.

Comprehensive and user-friendly information on cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Advocates, educates and funds research projects related to Alzeheimer’s disease.

Resources for people living with interstitial cystitis.

Detailed information on cancer, including clinical trials, statistics, cancer research news, and a drug dictionary.

Campaigns for eating disoder prevention, improved access to quailty treatment and increased research funding.

Resources for individuals with headahces, including health tips and a physician finder.

World’s largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists; raises awareness and funding for breast cancer research.

Family Planning

Wellness resources for pregnancy and reproductive health.

Data and statistics on unplanned pregnancies, particularly among teens.

Resources for men and women’s sexual health; information on Planned Parenthood’s community clinics.

Fitness and Exercise

Information on fitness certification, reviews of fitness equipment and resources for healthy workouts.

Responsible information on healthy weight management.

Government Health Agencies

Detailed information on health risks and diseases ranging from seasonal flu to Ebola.

Works to ensure the health of all Americans through research, public health, food and drug safety, grants and other funding, and health insurance, including Medicare.

Comprehensive consumer safety information on products from food to toys to cars.

Audio podcasts on various health topics.

Searchable health information from the National Libraries of Health and the National Institute of Health.

Healthy living resources for children, adults and older adults.

Conducts research on disease; human growth and development; environmental contaminants; and mental, addictive and physical disorders.

Search biomedical literature, learn about diseases and drugs, find a clinical trial or use a medical dictionary.


Tools to find a health care provider and manage your care.

Research and Education

Addresses public health preparedness and emerging infectious disease response.

Results of clinical trials sponsored by the pharmaceutical company.

Resources to help you stay safe at home, at work and on the road.

Operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline; provides education and advocacy resources as well as resources for survivors.


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