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Spiritual Self Confidence

Written By: docmac - Jan• 29•18

Spiritual Self-Confidence

Spiritual self-confidence is the third pillar of emotional self-confidence.

“Spiritual” does not mean religious, but denotes a relationship with the Universe we live in.

With spiritual self-confidence:

1. You believe that there is a universal energy flow toward good. When you look at the natural world, you see an ongoing forward flow in all things: cells, human beings, animals, vegetation. You believe that you are part of something larger than yourself.

2. You believe that there’s an order in the universe and that it makes sense. This is important because if you believe that the world we live in is chaos with no order, there’s little hope of spiritual self-confidence. But if you notice the extreme order of all things from the planets to the mechanics of creation, your spiritual confidence begins to grow.

3. You believe you are an expression of a greater force — God, Spirit, the Universe — whatever you choose to believe is responsible for the creation of the universe. This belief in yourself as a unique expression of whatever created everything in existence greatly increases your spiritual self-confidence and your overall self-confidence.

If you have problems with spiritual self-confidence, you could spend some time thinking about how many challenges that seemed at first to be negative turned out to be positive.

You could spend some time in Nature and observe the order of all things.

You could look for the everyday miracles that we are surrounded by that make you feel watched over and loved.

Spiritual self-confidence allows you to believe that you are on the right road and that wherever you are is where you were meant to be.


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