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The Key To Success Is Self Discipline

Written By: docmac - Feb• 10•18

Why Self-Discipline Is Key To Success

For every act of self-discipline, there is a reward. I suppose in one way that’s the beauty of life, for if you sow so should you reap.

If you act honestly, fairly, and with patience for others you will receive rewards in multiples. If you give more often than you expect to gain in return then your reward will always be more than expected.

There is a key word here, though, and that is discipline and the rewards aren’t instant.

The Slow Process Of Success

Everything in life that is of value will require your attention, due care, and an ounce of discipline.

Whether it’s your actions or your thoughts, we act with discipline.

It can be a challenge to practice discipline, though, and the biggest reason for that is that the entire concept is built around delayed gratification.

Initially, there will be no gratification nor will there be any results to view. It requires the repetition of the correct behaviors until eventually, they pay dividends.

Self-discipline isn’t glamorous either, which is why people often give up and move on instead of getting their head down and working at it.

For example, when applying a new marketing strategy in business it’s going to require persistence.

It won’t be exciting to repeat the same tasks required to maintain a presence within the market, but it is a necessary part of achieving success.

Additionally, you may hate the idea of being on every conference call that crops up, but that behavior is one that you must engage in and endure if your job requires teamwork and interaction.

Self-discipline isn’t always getting the glamorous tasks or exercising the best bits of your imagination, it is often the most mundane activities.

There may be nothing fun about a large amount of research or carrying out training, but these are simple acts of self-discipline that further you in your career (or life). Sure, drinking beer with your friends is far more fun than getting up off the couch and hitting the gym, but only one of those is an act of self-discipline, which will help you achieve the success you yearn for.

It is in the accumulation of these mundane jobs that you eventually reach the level of success that you have been chasing.

To achieve that success you will often need to shift your priorities to fall in line with the priorities of others. It may require you pushing your pride aside and channeling your passion and energy into understanding your priorities so that you can get the right balance in life.

It’s impossible to achieve success when you don’t have your priorities right. That stands for whatever it is you’re chasing – if you want to be a successful romantic partner then your priorities should reflect that, just as your priorities should reflect your want to further your career if that’s what you strive for.

The Ultimate Commitment

Learning self-discipline is not only the key to your success; it is also the key to unlocking who you are as a person.

It is the biggest commitment you can make in your journey to success.

Self-discipline is committing yourself to making the necessary contributions to whatever it is you are chasing.

You have to be dedicated to these duties and think of them as labors of love as opposed to chores. They may be a lot of little things, but those little things add up to one great, big thing and that is your success.

In that success you will find that your ability to practice self-discipline hasn’t just contributed to your success, it has also grown your character.

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