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Power of Focus

Written By: docmac - Feb• 10•18

Harness The Power Of Focus

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just another cog in the wheel or the CEO.

Your thought process can influence those around you as can your actions, and it’s up to you whether you choose to embrace failure or strive for success. Like most people, you probably often come up with great ideas on how to correct negative patterns.

Unfortunately, those brilliant ideas get pushed aside because of everything else going on. You struggle to multi-task your way through the day and wonder why nothing ever changes.

This is where the power of focus comes in.

Without focus, life and work can become very disorganized.

If you see something that can (or should be), be changed for the good then give it your focus. Tell your team, your boss, the organization, the family, that this is going to be your focus. If you plan on shifting your focus to improving communication within the company then you need to ensure it’s brought up in each and every meeting that you attend, it should feature on your goals, and you should have a plan in place that is measurable.

Once you do this, you will suddenly realize that you are far more sensitive to the problems that others are experiencing.


It isn’t because those issues are increasing, it’s because you have harnessed the power of focus and you are truly hearing what others are saying. If you have the right mindset then you will be encouraged by the progress.

Achieving True Focus

Can you think of a time you’ve been incredibly focused on something?

A strange thing happens… suddenly the typical obstacles standing in your way mean nothing to you as you close in on your goal, you are hyper-aware of everything around you, but your focus is unshaken. No matter the obstacle, you find a way to overcome it because you are so locked onto that target at the end of the long road that you view everything through a different lens.

Are you looking to improve your focus and avoid distractions and procrastination?

Try these strategies:

• Take Time Out To Get Some Perspective
You may sometimes be in need of a reality check, but who you turn to for it is an important decision. You want to speak to someone who is supportive, willing to talk tough, and invested in success. That may be your partner, mentor, or a straight-shooting friend. No matter who it is, you need people like this on your side.

• Focus On Those Positives
We are all guilty of getting caught up in something that is going wrong even though everything else is going right. In moments like this, it’s important to grab hold of the positives. So, take time out to create a list of everything that is going well to realign your focus where it belongs.

• Know When To Take Action
Allowing your focus to move away from the right target often invites negative emotions and leaves you feeling overwhelmed. Take action to take control power and empower yourself, whether it’s inviting someone in to collaborate or employing the help of an assistant. Don’t allow those feelings to fester, when you identify them take action to mitigate them.

• Practice The Art Of Self-Care
There is nothing more important to your focus than self-care. When you are exhausted, stressed out or hungry you aren’t going to be performing at your best. You may have noticed that you’re fighting fit when you’ve had a good night’s sleep, you’re eating well and exercising often. These are acts of self-care that will keep you healthy, focused, and resilient.

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