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Start Small to Take Away the Power of Self Doubt

Written By: docmac - Jul• 14•16

Start Small to Take Away the Power of Self Doubt

Beginning an Internet marketing business with a product launch that’s much less expensive than some of your successful colleagues (who love to post their earnings from one launch that would pay your bills for months) can help alleviate some of your self doubt.

Starting on a small scale – perhaps a $7 product instead of a $97 one – can mean less work to get it off and running and a launch that can teach you a thing or two. The feedback and knowledge you get from beginning with a small launch is invaluable to help you move up to higher ticket items.

You’ll likely build your list with each small launch, too – meaning that when you do get to the big ticket launches, you’ll have more marketers who will buy from you. With each small launch, your self-confidence will build and self doubt will begin to wane.

Even the small launches may fail, but that’s a good thing, too – when you use the knowledge you gained to set your focus on something else or to use another strategy because the current one isn’t working.

You won’t have lost much time and energy if you discover these truths from a small launch. Self doubt is often made up from failures of the past, but your small successes can provide positive thoughts about the positive outcomes you’ve realized.

The positive feedback you receive from small successes may serve to set you up for huge success. There’s always something new to learn in Internet marketing. Beginning your business or venturing out in a different direction in small increments helps you sharpen your skills and become more confident in future business situations.

You’ll soon discover if something works – or not – and can quickly tweak or discard it at your discretion. Little will be lost if you haven’t invested a great deal in something you lack knowledge about.

Correcting your course along the way is the same thing pilots do when they’re approaching a bit of unexpected bad weather before reaching their destination. Look at the charts again, learn from the experience you’ve gathered during the small ventures and correct your course so that you’re firmly on a safe and steady path again.

Learn from other marketers. Follow the business path of others to possibly discover more ways you can promote yourself and become successful with your own enterprise. It’s sometimes easy to get lost in your own little world of strategizing and promoting, but you may become stagnant if you don’t allot some time for learning from others.

Trust your instinct and values when making decisions about your business. There are many shady marketers out there who might turn your head with promises of fast money, but if you stay true to your own values, self-confidence will become the antidote to any self doubt you may have.

5 Way that a Hectic Lifestyle Damages Your Health

Written By: docmac - Jul• 14•16

5 Ways A Hectic Lifestyle Damages Your Health

The fast-paced hectic lifestyles that many people have come to adopt as the norm is not all it’s cracked up to be. While many focus on doing more and more, they often forget the whole point of success, which is to be able to do less and less and still maintain a good lifestyle.

What´s the point of planting seeds if you have to sell the farm to do so?

Yet that is all too often what happens. When it comes to health, there is a dark side to constantly pushing yourself to produce more and more.

One of the greatest deprecations to health due to a hectic lifestyle comes in the form of negligence.

Typically when a person gets so busy with all the “most important” things in life they often forget to make time for the activities that might not be so urgent but that still have a huge impact on quality of life. One of those important activities is exercise.


The percentage of overweight and sedentary individuals has been on the constant rise for many years, in no small part thanks to a busy, work-packed life. Exercise is one of the largest factors in maintaining good health throughout the years and anything that threatens to remove that piece of the puzzle puts the rest of the game in jeopardy.

Even if someone stays strong and manages to make room in their life for exercise, there are usually other factors of maintenance that are neglected.


When life gets to be too much to handle, good nutrition tends to be the first thing to go. Many people are too busy to sleep or breathe, let alone sit down and prepare a decent home-cooked meal. Fast food and TV dinners three times a day quickly become the substitute, and it goes without saying just how hard it can be to get consistently healthy fare on a fast food diet.

Mental and emotional health too suffers when there isn’t enough room on the plate for self-care. When asked what hobbies and activities they do for fun, many professionals will shrug their shoulders and say “none.”

While this might not appear destructive on the surface, it can actually have severe consequences to mental and emotional stability. Relaxation and fun are just as important to good health as vitamins and sleep are.

Hobbies And Recreation

Numerous studies have demonstrated the therapeutic and regenerative effect that hobbies and recreation can have on both physical and mental health. Many people who suffer from anger management issues, anxiety, and other emotional disturbances could probably trace the cause back to a drought of fun and relaxation. Whether you’re a neurosurgeon or a garbage man, everybody needs to take a little bit of time to unwind and enjoy themselves.

A lack of fun and relaxation leads to the fourth detriment to health caused by an overly chaotic life, and that is chronic stress.

There are countless studies that expound the plethora of negative health consequences that stress produces, from heart attacks to weight problems and from depression to temporary personality disorders.

There seems to be no aspect of life that is free from the necrotic touch of chronic stress. Many marriages have ended because of financial reasons, quite possibly due to the constant stress fostered by deep financial issues. It is very difficult to maintain the passion of love alive when stress consumes every waking thought.

Means Without An End

The fifth and final detriment to health caused by a hectic lifestyle is that it can quite possibly change the course of your entire life. It is not uncommon to hear of cases where an individual began working towards a career goal with the idea of using that career to achieve some long sought-after dream. After years of life-draining work however, the dream is forgotten and replaced by the career itself.

It isn’t that the individual gave up on achieving the dream, but rather that after focusing their entire mind, life, and soul around the means to the end, the means eventually became an end in itself, crowding out the original dream entirely.

It is natural consequence that when a person obsesses and stresses over something for long enough, that thought or idea begins to absorb the entire mind, becoming the central focus of life.

The effect is basically that one trains her mind so much to think about the means, the career, the finances or whatever, that eventually that idea becomes the only thing that the mind is capable of comprehending, and maybe even the only thing that the mind capable of desiring.

Where once a healthy zest for life once dwelled, there now resides a trojan horse of empty time trials and productivity goals, with no real end point in sight.

This is the ultimate trap of the hectic lifestyle, where one gets so used to living in a constant rush of cortisol and adrenaline that he forgets how to enjoy the company of his friends and family, or loses interest in the hobbies and dreams that once gave her hope and longing for the future. Instead of enjoying life, one merely tries to beat it.

Existence becomes a meaningless chain of milestones that lead nowhere.

For that reason alone it is imperative to take some time to stop, disconnect, sniff the roses, and maybe even the moldy bananas beside the sink, just for the sake of remembering that life still exists outside the workplace, because if life wasn’t made up of the little moments of love, joy, laughter, and struggle, then what would be left?

Having goals and milestones is great, as long as they don’t make you lose sight of the fulfillment you hoped to gain from them.

In like manner, having a crazy week or two here and there is just fine, as long as it doesn’t become the norm.

Is Your Self Doubt Due to Previous Failures?

Written By: docmac - Jul• 14•16

Is Your Self Doubt Due to Previous Failures?

How many times do you think Thomas Edison failed in his attempt to bring light into our lives by inventing the lightbulb?

Likely, he failed more times than we can count.

Imagine how he felt when he worked so hard (during daylight hours or by candlelight) to find something that worked, came so close each time – and then failed with each attempt.

Then, finally it happened.

One path Edison took led to the invention of the lightbulb and all other attempts were forgotten. We’ve been bathed in iridescence ever since.

Edison and other successful entrepreneurs have all suffered from self doubt, but trudged on through the lack of confidence to make their dream a reality.

Think about the times in the past (even as a child) that you’ve persevered through disabling doubts that you could do something, only to find out that it wasn’t within your grasp even though you gave it your all.

Either you shrugged and went on to something else or withered away in self-pity that prevented you from possible future successes. Virtually every successful person in the world has failed many times before.

It’s doubtful those failures are even remembered because the success is so bright that they aren’t visible. Online entrepreneurs are highly susceptible to self doubt. There’s so much to learn and so many ways to go about each venture that it may seem overwhelming – especially to newbies.

Rather than wasting time stewing over each failure and making yourself miserable, make a firm decision to move on – and then do it. Begin on the new project immediately by setting short and long-term goals and really dig deep into how you’re going to ensure it’s a big success.

Each success will spur you on to the next project – and the next, until you have some firm accomplishments under your belt. Next time a failure happens, you can focus on the successes you’ve had to break the cycle of self doubt and begin again.

Before you begin a project or new venture, think about all of the possible scenarios that can happen. Make sure you include the worst-case scenarios along with the rewards that will happen when you succeed.

After you face your fears of “what if,” you can use those fears as challenges. Looking at fears as challenges rather than obstacles can only help boost your self confidence and help you begin to see success in your future rather than failure.

Trying to Predict Success Sets You Up for Failure

Written By: docmac - Jul• 14•16

Trying to Predict Success Sets You Up for Failure

Some of us tend to doubt ourselves right out of future success with “what if” predictions we make. It could be named the “what if” syndrome. It’s when you’re mired in self doubt so much that you begin to imagine and predict obstacles and outcomes that aren’t even there.

The “what if” syndrome is especially prevalent after you’ve hatched up a brilliant idea for an online project that’s going to make you lots of money and help your fellow entrepreneurs.

You’re sure everyone will love it and want it. Then, self doubt sets in and you begin to think of all of the reasons why it won’t succeed. You walk on the shadowy side of your ability to make things happen and talk yourself down or out of even trying.

You were so excited about the idea at first and it fired up your creativity to a point where you could hardly wait to begin. That lull – somewhere between the excitement of the idea and taking action to make it happen – is where self doubt takes root.

You may begin to think of past failures and how they made you feel or become highly sensitive to the fact that you’ve never endeavored something like this before. If you keep thinking about past failures or what “might” happen, you may come to a point in the project where a big wall is placed in your path.

Since your self doubt has already been growing in your thoughts, the wall may seem insurmountable and you simply give up. Just another failure to think about next time you have an idea.

Or – you can take another route – one that doesn’t ensure success, but that at least gives you a chance. Rather than giving in to self doubt, trust yourself and try it again. You’ve likely practiced this scenario many times before in your life.

Some attempts may have failed, but you’ve probably succeeded many more times. Bring a new attitude into the mix and think positively rather than giving in to the hauntings of past failures. Also, bring in positive people to surround you who encourage, rather than discourage you.

Don’t compare yourself to others whose successes may be greater or more profitable than yours. You may even learn from their stories of success. They’re bound to have had failures along the way – and overcame them rather than feeling defeated.

When you find yourself become mired in self doubt about your future success, mute the negative voices by focusing on the positive and living in the present moment rather than projecting yourself into a future of unknowns.

Self Doubt Versus Self Esteem

Written By: docmac - Jul• 14•16

Self Doubt Versus Self Esteem

You may know for sure that you have the knowledge and experience to succeed, but there still may be nagging doubts that you can’t or won’t succeed online. These doubts can be confused with low self esteem, but they’re very different in how they factor in to results.

When you have high self esteem, you feel good about yourself. You may be physically fit, very intelligent or are known for being a hard worker who gets the job done. Self doubt may creep in when you’re faced with something new or different such as an online marketing business.

Even those who have been in the business long enough to have gathered a reputation of success can have doubts about their abilities to bring their businesses to the next level of success.

There’s always something new to learn and you have to be ready and willing to put the time and effort behind your ideas. Self esteem comes from positive self-talk that brands you as a person you can believe in to achieve the outcome you want.

Self doubt can crush all of that by focusing on past failures, comparing yourself to other marketers and giving in to fear. One way to fight self doubt and let your self esteem take over is to take action.

That’s the only way you’ll ever gain the experience you need to reach the business goals you’ve set for yourself. You’ll gain confidence as you progress through the smaller goals to reach the larger ones and this will boost your self esteem and push the self doubt into the background.

Self esteem is knowing your capabilities and self doubt only sets up obstacles for you to overcome to reach your goals. A little bit of both (self doubt and self esteem) is natural and can be good for you if viewed in the right way.

Your self esteem can push aside self doubt when it threatens to paralyze you and ruin your plans for the future. After all, you’ve succeeded with many things in the past and can do it again.

Reach back into your mind and remember the successes you’ve had in the past. If you’re new to Internet marketing, you may have to remember successes in other areas of your life, but as you overcome the self doubts associated with marketing, you’ll be able to feel good about yourself in that area, too.

Your self esteem will carry you far in life. The self doubt you may feel when starting a new business can be put to rest by taking action and gaining valuable experience that silences any questions about what you’re capable of.

Give Yourself Credit for Your Accomplishments

Written By: docmac - Jul• 14•16

Do You Give Yourself Credit for Your Accomplishments

Being humble has always been a hallmark for kindness and esteem. But you can be humble while still giving yourself credit for your accomplishments. When you’re proud about what you’ve done, the building blocks of self esteem become tighter and tighter and eventually, you learn to trust yourself and your decisions.

As an online entrepreneur, patting yourself on the back is a required trait. Every success that’s passed on to others will make them sit up and notice you – and respect you for your hard work.

If you can’t toot your own horn, it’s going to be difficult for others to know what you’ve accomplished – especially in an online environment. And don’t simply give yourself credit for professional achievements – personal achievements are important, too.

You may have lost weight over a period of time or achieved another personal goal that you’re proud of. Those are triumphs that are brag-worthy. While you don’t have to talk about yourself and your achievements until people are bored, it’s okay to use it as a way to motivate others – and yourself.

Rewards are an important part of building self esteem and collecting the building blocks necessary for success. When you do achieve a long-sought after goal, reward yourself with something you can look forward to on your journey.

Even a day off spent with family or getting something for yourself that you’ve always wanted can be perfect. When you reward yourself, you’re reinforcing your self esteem building and making it easier to move on to the next project.

Online entrepreneurs seem to have a problem with defining themselves as worthy and successful. Instead, they think about failures rather than successes and avoid telling their fellow marketers and lists that they’re proud of what they’ve done.

When you praise yourself and what you’ve accomplished to other online marketers and customers, they’re likely to begin conversations and want to know how you did it – and be genuinely proud of your triumph.

Giving yourself credit for accomplishments can open a whole new world of feeling good about yourself. And when you feel good about yourself, the world becomes your oyster and you can make your dreams and goals come true because you aren’t telling yourself that you can’t.

Gandhi once admonished people to, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” When you change for the better or have little or big successes that you’re proud of, let the world know. You could become an inspiration for others!

Calming Your Mind With Breathing Exercises

Written By: docmac - Jul• 14•16

Calming Your Mind With Breathing Exercises

There is probably no one out there that has not experienced the effects that stress can have on the mind.

Racing thoughts, trouble focusing, inability to get task done and the list goes on.

You have most likely received unsolicited advise on how to calm your mind by taking deep breaths to calm your mind and body.

Others may have suggested you pop this pill or that pill to help you deal with your mood.

Your doctor and other well meaning people may recommend you try controlled breathing exercises as an initial way of calming the mind.

That is because it works.

Controlled breathing exercises and how they will benefit you when under stress is what we want to discuss.

In fact, there is a scientific reason that breathing exercises work to calm down the mind and the body.

The primary purpose of breathing is the absorption of oxygen and to expel carbon dioxide.

When stressed, a person tends to take small, shallow breaths, using their shoulders instead of their diaphragm to get air in and out of their lungs. This breathing style causes disruption to the balance of gasses in the body. This can lead to shallow over-breathing or hyperventilation.

When your body begins to feel the effects of being stressed out, your adrenal glands release something called cortisol. Cortisol is more commonly known as the stress hormone, and when your cortisol levels are elevated, there are many negative side effects.

Some of the effects of having increased levels of cortisol include lower immune function, disruptions in both the memory and the learning functions, an increase in blood pressure and an increased risk for depression and other mental illnesses.

Of course, all of these things don’t just happen because you experience occasional stress, but rather if you are dealing with stress on a regular basis and not doing anything to help reduce the levels of stress your body feels.

Another side effect of the increase in cortisol levels is that your body shifts into the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for mediating the hormonal stress response better known as the fight or flight response.

This means that when the sympathetic nervous system takes over, it has the following effects on your organs:

Eyes: Dilates the pupils
Heart: Increases the rate and force of the heart contractions
Lungs: Dilates the bronchioles and circulates adrenaline
Sweat Glands: Activates secretion of sweat

What Happens When You Do Breathing Exercises?

When you do breathing exercises, you are breathing in a slow, gentle, and even way. When you are breathing this way, the effects of the sympathetic nervous system are minimized as the parasympathetic nervous takes over.

The parasympathetic nervous system works alongside the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are often considered opposites of one another.

However, this relationship is not antagonistic. Instead, the relationship is complementary.

Often referred to like the rest and digest system, the parasympathetic nervous system conserves energy as it reduces the levels of cortisol in the body. The reduction in cortisol leads to a slowing of the heart rate, which in turn also lowers blood pressure and increases feelings of relaxation.

Some of the other benefits to controlled breathing include:
– A reduction in the lactic acid buildup in muscle tissues.
– Levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood.
– Improved function of the immune system.
– Feelings of calm and well-being are increased.

When we are focused on our breathing, our mind automatically becomes calmer. Since the rest of our body is being told to relax, our mind is no longer focused on all of the things that are going on in our body.

Another advantage to focused breathing is that our mind needs to focus on the act of taking slow, even, and measured breaths. This shift in focus allows our mind to clear. A clear mind allows us to approach problems with a clear mind without having stress cloud our judgment.

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy

Written By: docmac - Jul• 08•16

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy

Do you sabotage your own best efforts?

It’s one thing to hear negative talk about yourself from your enemies, but quite another to come to the realization that you’re your own worst enemy because of what you do to undermine your self confidence and sabotage your efforts.

You may have experienced so much self loathing that you come to believe what you’re saying. That’s a dangerous place to be because you’ll be frustrated, indecisive and unmotivated to follow a path that will lead you to success.


Imagine talking to a good friend or child with the same negative and hateful words that you use to talk to yourself. If you love that friend or child, you’d never think of using those tactics.

So, stop putting yourself down.

The answer is that the demoralizing voice inside your mind has its own game plan – and that is to make you doubt yourself so much that you fail miserably.

You certainly wouldn’t want a friend to fail because of what you said. When you begin to acknowledge and understand the power that the thinking process has over you, it’s time to do something about it.

To overcome your own self, you have to be able to discern which inner words are unrealistic and begin to discard them from your vocabulary.

Do you appreciate the small things in your life?

This is what you should be asking yourself when doing a self analysis.

It’s great to have grandiose goals and dreams such as a new house, car and plenty of money in the bank, but have you thought about the pleasure of a cool breeze on a hot summer day or the way the rain makes the world seem clean again?

Those are the small things in our lives which must also be appreciated for what they are and what they add to your life. When you learn to appreciate the smaller things in life, the satisfaction and pleasure you feel can make the negative thoughts easier to see for what they are.

When you’re focused on the important things in life, such as your health and all of the blessings that have come your way, it’s more difficult for negatives to take root in your mind.

Selling yourself short by practicing negative self talk can damage and perhaps annihilate your full potential. You’ll hold yourself back from experiences that can make you happy and fulfilled and make excuses about why what you want to do will never happen.

Try not to focus on things you have no control over and concentrate instead on your capabilities. Pat yourself on the back once in awhile.

When it comes to anything positive you do in life, every day you show up to serve is a day worth celebrating!

Being A Better You in 2016

Written By: docmac - May• 25•16

Being A Better You in 2016

I think you will find the following article about “Being a Better You in 2016” interesting and valuable.

Are You Living Your Best Life

Written By: docmac - May• 22•16

Are You Living Your Best Life

Most of us associate living your best life with being successful.

A major part of our thinking and daily activity is a result of trying to pursue future goals.

Those goals may include having more money, being able to travel, send the kids to a major college, driving your dream car, bigger house, recognition, being debt free and the list goes on.

We can be so busy we forget to have gratitude for what we have now.

We think we know what our family wants and strive to make them happy by working 24/7 , so that we can obtain material things.

The reality of it all is what our families want most is our presence. To spend quality time with them, essentially to live in the now and appreciate what you have already achieved the things you have.

The following link is to an article about living in the now: