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Time Management To Become A Productive Leader

You must learn to manage your time if you want to succeed and become a productive leader. Great leaders are those who inspire others to follow in their footsteps by being an actualization of who everyone aspires to become. Some believe that the skills to pilot a crew and bring them to their destination are […]

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Why Are You Lazy

Why are you lazy is probably a common question that most of us have been asked at some point in our lives. Probably the most lethal form of self-sabotage is laziness. This character trait can affect every area of our life, and if we don’t do anything about it, we may end up in a […]

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Active Listening

Make Your Life Better with Active Listening When you listen to public speakers talk about a certain subject matter, all you basically need to do is open your ears. However, speaking to someone face to face is another dynamic altogether. You communicate with people to get your point across to let them know about how […]

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Strive To Be The Best Boss You Can Be

Organizations are constantly looking for methods and ways in which to decrease attrition.  This means they want to increase employee satisfaction and longevity so they are not faced with the added expense of hiring new individuals.  One of the best ways to improve employee retention and satisfaction is to be the best boss you can […]

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