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7 Tips On How To Increase Your Self Esteem And Confidence

Facing someone or a situation we are unsure of can be a challenge for anyone if you are lacking in self confidence and self esteem. This can involve simply talking to someone, giving a speech, a performance, interview, or the first date. If you are confident in your looks, knowledge, and abilities you will probably […]

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Why Do Some Patients Refuse To Die

I believe the spirit of man, rather than being something ethereal we possess, is the life force within us. From a scientific standpoint, it is the force that actuates our mind and body and all the billions of cells to interact in a symphonic harmony we call life. Like the fire burning on a match, […]

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How To Make This Year The Best Year Of Your Life

What if there were just two choices you could make to insure that next year would be wonderful? There actually are, and these choices are quite simple in concept, yet not easy to do. They are not things you do on the outside, such as exercising your body (which is always a good thing to […]

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